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Luangpor Pae Kaemunkaro from Singburi province. He was born at BarnSuanguai 93/3 Tumbol.Pigoonthough Aumpoer.Tarcharng Singburi Province. When he was 8 months old, his mother had passed away. Mr.Boon and Mrs.Pean his relative have raise him since then. When he's turn 11 years old, his step parent take him to stay at the temple and study with Archarn Pom which is an old thai treadition study way (Thai and Khon language study)

Accept all this, he also learned Dharma teaching, Phra Dhummakimpee7 (7 Buddha Dharma bible). At age of 14, his step parent sent him to study with Archarn Som (Cambudian monk) at Wat Chanasongkram Bangkok (First year study Thai old letter and Dharma. 1 year later study Bali language at Wat Mahatarth Bangkok)

Luangpor Pae go back to his hometown when he's 16 years old to enter the monk hood. He become a novice monk in Thursday 15 April B.E.2463 at Wat Pigoonthong(or Pikhuntong, no exact spell) Tumbol.Pigoonthong Aumper.Tarcharng Singburi Province by Phra Artigarn Panjantasaro an abbot of Wat Pigoonthong do the ceremony. Once he's become novice monk, Luangpor Pae go back to Wat Chanasongkram to continue study Bali language until he pass exam PaleanDhum 3 sentence (Class of Dhama test exam in Thailand) since he was only a novic monk.

In B.E.2468. Mr.Tean Jaimunkong his respect father has pass away.

With a great confident afford. While using only light by the candle, with this reason, the eyes which is one most important part of body become sore and hurt badly everytime Luangpor Pae read the book. Doctors from Julalongorn hospital advice to stop reading the book under the candle's light otherwise his eyes could be blind. After Luangpor Pae pass PaleanDhum4, his study about PhraPariyuddhum has end. But with his mind alway searching for knowledge. Luangpor Pae Kaemunkara start to study SamataGummatarn VipassanaGummatarn (Meditation's way) at Wat Chaytupon from Phrakru Pawana until expert and continue teaching other people around.

He's become senior monk at an age of 21 years old Tiger year in Wednesday 21 April B.E.2469 at church of Wat Pigoonthong by PhraMongkonThepmunee an abbot of Wat Jukawatrachawart do the ceremony. He had given name "Kaemunkara" (which mean one who create peaceful). After become a senior monk, he go back to Wat Chanasongkram to study Pariyuddhum again until he success the highest class. For reason that one day he can make a most useful from knowledge he had learned toward people and Buddha's religion. He's alway study.

In B.E.2474 Archarn Yod Puangmasit an abbot of Wat Pigoonthong left his place and monk hood. Pigoonthong's villagers then invite Luangpor Pae to become an abbot in April B.E.2474. In that time Luangpor Pae was 26 years old. Later on he have given rank from monk counsil and people.

B.E.2482 : Jaokana (Head monk of all temple around the area) of Tumbol Tornsamor.

B.E.2483 : Become PhraAuppatchaya (Who do buath ceremony for people to become a monk)

B.E.2484 : Jaokana (Head monk) of Aumper Tarcharng.

B.E.2525 : Jaokana of Province.

B.E.2484 : Phrakru Sanyabaht, Who give Dharma ceremony at Phromsopit.

B.E.2514 : Become Phrakru Sanyarbaht special class, given by Royal.

B.E.2521 : Become PhraRacharkana(King monk normal class) at Phra Sunthorn Dhummapanee, given by Royal.

B.E.2530 : Become PhraRacharkana(King monk rath class) at PhraSinkkanajarn, given by Royal.

B.E.2535 : Specialy given higher class by Royal at 12 August B.E.2535 (60 years Queen birthday celebration) god class, become PhraRachakana at PhraThepSinkhaburajarn.

B.E.2539 : Specialy given higher class by Royal at 10 June B.E.2539 (50 years clowned, King Rama 9th) become PhraDhumamunee(Dharmaclass)

Since Luangpor Pae become an abbot of Wat Pigoonthong, he have do many things for temple, social, ex. church, monk counsil building, chant tower, meditation place, dharma lecture building and many more.

  1. Chairman in building hospital of Aumper.Tarcharng
  2. Chairman in building center major department of Aumper.Tarcharng
  3. Chairman in building police station of Aumper.Tarcharng
  4. Chairman in building hospital of Tumbol.Pigoonthong
  5. Chairman in building Phracharbarn School of Wat Pigoonthong
  6. Donation in Building Singburi Hospital

B.E.2528 Build 80 years Luangpor Pae building. The 4 stairs concrete building cost 11,100,000 baht, can service injure people up to 84 beds with 200,000 baht give for medicine supply

B.E.2532 X-Ray building (86 years LuangporPae building) The 2 stairs concrete building cost 7,000,000 baht. Open since 14 September B.E.2533

B.E.2534 90 year Luangpor Pae building 35,095,555 baht, Royal visit (Phra Thep) to open the ceremony

B.E.2538 Luangpor Pae Tower, Concrete building 9 stairs 120,000,000 baht same as hospital

Luangpor Pae pass away in B.E.2542. He is one best monk of Thailand who alway conduct many great karma in his life. Thank to Luangpor Pae to give us all a great learning of Dharma. May PhraArcharn bless us in Dharma alway.

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